Tenant Advocacy Project

There is a severe power imbalance in Philadelphia between tenants and their landlords– 91% of tenants face evictions without lawyers. To combat this issue, we protect tenants against unethical or illegal practices by landlords and their agents through class action cases, individual cases, and municipal court hearings. Through these cases, we hope that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and federal laws will be more thoroughly enforced, and we hope to advance case law in this area.

Support for this project is also provided by the Independence Foundation Fellowship. Currently funded by this fellowship, George Donnelly joined the Law Center in September of 2017 as a Penn Law Postgraduate Fellow funded by the Langer, Grogran & Driver Fellowship in Social Justice. He represents tenants in municipal court and works to bring cases that advance case law in order to strengthen tenant rights and protections.

Staff attorney Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg contributes to this project in his work defending tenants against unethical or illegal practices by landlords and their agents. Part of his work is supported by the McDowell Foundation.

Project Updates

February 2020
We represent the senior tenants of Brith Sholom, fighting back against their landlord's attempts to collect rent for dangerous and unlicensed housing.

February 2019
Philadelphia tenant whose home fell into disrepair wins a $22,400 default judgment against ABC Capital, one of the city’s largest landlords

November 2018
Low-income Philadelphia couple forced to flee squalid conditions sue ABC Capital, one of the city's largest landlords

October 2018
Eviction is a cause of poverty: Our client lost his home and his livelihood in an illegal lockout.

May 2018
Law Center Announces New Tactix Tenant Advocacy Project

May 2018
Fighting for Tenants in Landlord-Tenant Court - Gerrell Martin v. Levy Law

March 2018
Philadelphia Families Assert their Rights to Quality Housing in Court in Efforts to Benefit Hundreds more Low-income Tenants

December 2017
Case Settled Against a Landlord for $35,000

September 2017
Ending Exploitative Eviction Practices by Collection Lawyers

October 2016
A Low-income Philadelphia Renter Standing Up for Her Legal Right to Live in Safe and Healthy Housing – Vazquez v. Gilbert

More information about Mr. Donnelly’s landlord-tenant municipal court cases can be found here:

Municipal Court Updates