Taking on source of income discrimination in Philadelphia


Joint statement on the settlement of our Fair Housing Act case regarding Housing Choice Voucher renters

Joint statement from the Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania and Pro-Managed LLC regarding the settlement of their case

January 3, 2023 – The Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania (“HEC”) and Pro-Managed LLC are pleased to announce the amicable resolution of their dispute. HEC filed a charge against Pro-Managed LLC with the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (“PCHR”) for violating the Philadelphia Fair Practices Ordinance (“FPO”), which prohibits discrimination based on source of income, including housing assistance programs. HEC also filed a complaint against Pro-Managed LLC in the federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania alleging that Pro-Managed’s policy and practice of refusing to accept Housing Choice Vouchers (also known as “Section 8 Vouchers”) in predominantly white neighborhoods while advertising that they accept them in majority Black neighborhoods disparately treats and disparately impacts prospective Black renters in violation of the Fair Housing Act (“FHA”).

Almost immediately after HEC filed its charge and complaint, the parties reached a settlement agreement to address the concerns raised by HEC. Pro-Managed LLC, its owners, and related entities admitted that their policy and practice violated the FPO and FHA and agreed to advertise that they accept and encourage the use of Housing Choice Vouchers at all of their rental portfolio properties. They also agreed to adopt written policies regarding compliance with applicable federal and local fair housing laws and to receive training from HEC on the FPO and FHA.

“The widespread barriers and bias faced by Housing Choice Voucher holders deepens Philadelphia’s affordable housing crisis,” said staff attorney Sari Bernstein of the Public Interest Law Center, which represented HEC in both matters. “Pro-Managed should be commended for taking meaningful and prompt action to comply with the letter and spirit of local and federal fair housing laws, and for providing greater opportunities for Philadelphia renters who receive housing assistance.”

“Thanks to the Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania, we were made aware of an unintended consequence surrounding our Housing Choice Voucher policy,” said a representative of Pro-Managed. “As a team of native Philadelphians, we never intended to exclude our neighbors from the affordable housing they deserve. The intervention of the HEC allowed us to improve our policies and reminded us of the importance of continued education and training. We’re happy to accept Housing Choice Vouchers for all our properties and are excited to continue welcoming families to their new homes.”