Standing up for safe senior housing at Brith Sholom House

Seniors at Brith Sholom stood up for safe housing conditions
Seniors at Brith Sholom stood up for safe housing conditions at an April 12, 2024 protest

Seniors living in the Brith Sholom House apartment building in Wynnefield Heights–one of Philadelphia’s few affordable senior housing complexes–experience unacceptable conditions every day: broken plumbing systems, exposed wires, leaking pipes, pest infestations, fire code violations that threaten their safety, and much more. The Department of Licenses and Inspections has found more than 100 serious code violations.

We represent the building’s elected tenants’ council. Residents have been organizing for months, hoping for a solution that holds building ownership accountable, provides the dignified housing they deserve, and allows them to stay in their homes. More than 150 low-income seniors live in the building

Brith Sholom House is in receivership, and its owner was ordered to make the needed repairs in a November 15, 2023 injunction. Progress remains painfully slow, tenants say. The building is set to be sold at Sheriff’s Sale on June 4, 2024.

We will continue to stand with tenants to make sure the City of Philadelphia does not allow the mass displacement of seniors amid an affordable housing crisis.

May 14, 2024
Philadelphia seniors facing displacement gather at City Hall for a Mother's Day rally, demanding the City take action to save their homes

April 12, 2024
Philadelphia seniors stand up for safe housing at Brith Sholom House apartments, where they have faced deplorable conditions

February 20, 2020
We represented two seniors demanding legally required fire suppression safety upgrades to Brith Sholom House. Note: this case was resolved December 13, 2022.