Tenant Advocacy Project


Tenant Rights Project Municipal Court Updates

October 2017

George represented a single mother of two in her eviction case. The property where she lived had numerous License & Inspections (L&I) violations and the landlord had failed to comply with the city’s lead ordinance. After asserting a counterclaim, the landlord withdrew the eviction case against the client. The Law Center is now representing this client in her affirmative case against her former landlord and the property management company.

November 2017

George represented a young couple in their eviction case. The family had no running water in their property. When they withheld rent, the landlord responded to their repair requests with an eviction notice.  The landlord withdrew his complaint after two months. George is now representing the family in an affirmative case against their landlord.

December 2017

George represented a young family of three in their eviction case. The landlord wanted four months of back rent, despite being unlicensed and not complying with several Philadelphia ordinances. George asserted counterclaims against the landlord and eventually secured an agreement that gave the family three extra months to leave the property and allowed them to keep their withheld rent. The case against them was withdrawn after the family moved to a new home.

January 2018

George represented a veteran on full disability and his grandchildren in an eviction action. When the Law Center got involved, our client already had a judgment entered against him for $5,000 after he co-signed a lease for his stepdaughter and grandchildren. The property was in terrible condition and had numerous open L&I violations. After three court hearings and two months of negotiations with the landlord, George was able to secure an agreement that vacated the $5,000 judgment and allowed our client to keep three months of rent, which he used to find a new place for his grandchildren.

February-March 2018

George represented a single father with two children, one of whom recently had open heart surgery, in the family’s parallel Fair Housing Commission and eviction case actions over the course of five months. The family had withheld rent after the heat went out in their property for a month. Several other habitability problems persisted until February. After securing a preliminary order in the Fair Housing Commission, George negotiated a settlement which allowed the family to keep four months of withheld rent and gave them two additional months to find a new place to live.