Law Center Announces New Tactix Tenant Advocacy Project

The Law Center is proud to announce a new partnership, the Tactix Tenant Advocacy Project. This project will support our work defending tenants in municipal court and bringing affirmative cases against landlords and their agents when they break the law.

Tactix Real Estate Advisors is the largest “tenant only” commercial brokerage firm in the Delaware Valley. In their announcement of this new project, Tactix explained why they were driven to get involved.

“Tactix Real Estate Advisers does one thing and one thing only–fight to get tenants the best deals possible. Unfortunately, not all tenants have someone in their corner.

In Philadelphia, 25% of the population lives in poverty and many people are forced to endure horrible living conditions because the property owners fail to maintain their buildings or comply with building codes and other laws. We wanted to do something about this. So we did.

We are partnering with the Public Interest Law Center, one of the nation’s premier legal advocacy organizations, to create the Tactix Tenant Advocacy Project. This new venture will defend and enforce the rights of residential tenants in Philadelphia, and ensure they have decent living conditions and can remain in their homes.”

The Law Center thanks Tactix for their generous support, and for their recognition that the power imbalance between tenants and landlords in Philadelphia must be addressed through strong and committed advocacy for the rights of tenants.