Reports and Studies


Analysis: Pennsylvania Needs to Do More to Prepare Students with Disabilities for Employment
Darlene Hemerka, May 2018

Education Funding in Pennsylvania: Inadequate, Inequitable & Unconstitutional
Michael Churchill and Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg

The Cost of Adequate Education Funding: An Updated Report
Michael Churchill, December 2016

Report: PA Needs to Spend at Least $3.2 Billion more to Educate Students
Michael Churchill, May 2016

“Mediation Of Special Education Disputes In Pennsylvania”
Sonja Kerr and Jenai St. Hill – University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change, March 2012

“The Role of the Independent Neuropsychologist in Special Education”
Sonja Kerr with Felicia Hurewitz – The Clinical Neuropsychologist, June 2011

Winkelman: Pro Se Parents Of Children With Disabilities In The Courts (Or Not?)”
Sonja Kerr – Alaska Law Review, December 2009

A Quality Education for Every Child: Stories from the Lawyers on the Front Lines
Institute for Educational Equity & Opportunity, September 2009; two chapters contributed by Michael Churchill

Education in the 50 States: A Deskbook of the History of State Constitutions and Laws About Education
Written by Law Center staff with funding from the Institute for Educational Equity & Opportunity, 2008

“Olmstead: Reclaiming Institutionalized Lives”
Judith A. Gran, with the assistance of Max Lapertosa, Esq. and Ruthie Beckwith – National Council on Disability, 2003

“Eight Powerful National Statutes Designed to Evoke Powerful Teaching and Learning: the Uses of the Law in Transforming the Schools”
Thomas K. Gilhool – Quality Outcomes-Driven Education, April 1991

“Shannon Carter: A Substantive IDEA On School Performance and Accountability”
Judith A. Gran, and Thomas K. Gilhool and Frank Laski

Public Health & Environmental Justice

“On Retiring Blight as Policy and Making Eastwick Whole”
Amy Laura Cahn — Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, June 2014

Expensive Neighbors: The Hidden Cost of Harmful Pollution to Downwind Employers and Businesses”
Charles J. Cicchetti, Ph.D, Co-Sponsored by the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, December 2010


The Collateral Consequences of Acquittal: Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Arrests without Convictions
Benjamin Geffen — University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change, Vol. 20, Iss. 2 [2017], Art. 1, June 2017

Housing & Community Services

“Housing in Philadelphia”
Cushing Dolbeare – Consultant on Housing and Public Policy, 1988

“The Uses of the Courts and of Lawyers”
Ch. 10, Changing Patterns in Residential Services for the Mentally Retarded
Thomas K. Gilhool – President’s Committee on Mental Retardation, 1976

1979 Police Project

“Deadly Force: Police Use of Firearms 1970-78,” part 1 & part 2
The Police Project of the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, 1979

Symposium Transcripts

“Overstudied and Underserved: Uses of the Law to Promote Healthy, Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods”
Full transcript – October 6th, 2011 at the Arch St. Meeting House, Philadelphia

“A Quality Education for All: the Uses of Law to Translate Theory into Practice”
Full transcript – September 30th, 2010 at the Arch St. Meeting House, Philadelphia