Fraud Against Person With Disabilities

The defendant lives only five blocks from MW’s former house, and in 2010, he approached MW about purchasing the building. Perfectly aware of MW’s disabilities, the defendant promised money and clothes in exchange for the house, and he falsely claimed to have been friends with MW’s parents in order to gain his trust. The defendant promised to pay MW $5,000 for the house but only gave him $25 immediately after the signing. The defendant then renovated the home and sold it for $160,000, none of which went to MW. So far, he has not responded to our inquiries in the matter. The lawsuit asks that the Court order the defendant to reimburse MW for the original value of the house as well as some of the value on resale.

Case Progress

April 2011
Judge Rules in Favor of MW and Awards $70,000 in Damages

Staff on the Case
Ben Geffen
Benjamin Geffen