Eastwick Advocacy and Community Development

When residents accidentally learned about this proposed development, they organized to form the Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition, and approached us for support. They were concerned about the impact of the Korman development on the health, safety, and welfare of this already overburdened neighborhood. Since 2012, we have supported EFNC in negotiating and developing relationships with city agencies, elected officials, and Korman to postpone pending development on the 128-acre parcel and work toward a community-based planning project. We are committed  to working with Eastwick Friends to ensure their equitable and meaningful participation in planning for development of the future of their community.

October 2018
In their public comments responding to the Eastwick Public Lands Strategy prepared for the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, expressed concern that the proposed strategy could make flooding in their community worse

November 2016
Letter Asks to Stop the Sale of the Pepper Middle School

December 2015
Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, Korman Reach Historic Deal for Eastwick

July 2015
City Officials Make Historic Commitments to Eastwick Residents

June 2014
On Retiring Blight as Policy and Making Eastwick Whole

January 2013
Movement Toward Solution for Flooding in Eastwick

November 2012
Councilman Johnson Withdraws Zoning Bills

October 2012
Hearing on Flooding Issues Held

July 2012
Meeting with Water Department to Investigate Flooding Secured

June 2012
Law Center Files Open Records Request

June 2012
Second Zoning Bill Regarding Eastwick Development Held in Committee

June 2012
Councilman Kenyatta Johnson holds proposed zoning bill to allow time for community input