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Movement Toward Solution for Flooding in Eastwick

Plan Philly reports that there is movement towards a solution for flooding in Eastwick. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Philadelphia Water Department say a study to determine flooding solutions should be finished in October to coincide with the completion of the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan for remediating the Clearview landfill, a designated Superfund site. The study includes consideration of a floodwall or berm along Cobbs Creek between 78th and 80th streets, and because a berm would potentially extend onto the Clearview site, coordination with the EPA plan is crucial.  The Law Center is cautiously hopeful that the Army Corps and PWD will include community stakeholders in the process, as indicated in the article, and that this study will lead to comprehensive solutions to both the catastrophic and localized flooding problems that have long plagued the Eastwick community. Read the full article here.