Auto body shops and quality of life in Southwest Philadelphia

Attention Southwest Philadelphia residents: Do you live close to an auto body shop or scrapyard?

The Public Interest Law Center would like to learn more about how your quality of life is impacted by the large number of auto-related businesses in Southwest Philadelphia. You have the right to enjoy your home.

Please call the Law Center at (267) 546-1307 ext. 227 or email to speak with a member of our staff. We also encourage you to fill out the short survey embedded below.

Listen to learn more about the concentration of unsafe auto-body shops and scrapyards in Southwest Philadelphia in an interview with Law Center staff attorney Ebony Griffin and attorney Halli Spraggins of Hausfeld on Charles Ellison’s Reality Check program, on WURD.

On November 9, 2021, a large scrapyard fire broke out in Southwest Philadelphia, spilling acrid smoke across the city. In the Philadelphia CitizenCharles Ellison and Temple Professor Christina Rosen write about how the incident reveals the carelessness with which the City addresses real environmental concerns for mostly Black residents.