Garden Justice Legal Initiative (GJLI)


Pulaski Zeralda Garden

The Pulaski Zeralda Garden is another one of the gardens that was actively being offered for sale by the city. We connected Pulaski Zeralda gardeners to the Neighborhood Gardens Trust as a long-term preservation strategy and the garden is on its way to being preserved in perpetuity. “Our garden is more than 25 years old and the only spot of green on our block of row houses. When we learned that it was up for possible sale, we were anxious and did not know what to do. Amy Laura Cahn and the Garden Justice Legal Initiative helped us unravel the maze of city threads and talked us through options which will lead toward keeping this valuable neighborhood resource vital and strong for decades to come. All of us who live in older, industrialized sections of the city know that gardens, living plants, and fresh, organic produce shared with our neighborhood pantries are invaluable neighborhood assets. Thank you for doing the work to keep such miracles alive.” – Dee Dee Risher, Pulaski-Zeralda garden leader.