Protecting Our Right to Vote in 2020


Our statement on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling in Disability Rights PA et al. v. Boockvar

May 15, 2020–Today, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an order in Disability Rights PA et al. v. Boockvar, sustaining the Respondents’ preliminary objection and dismissing the petitioners’ request to extend Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot deadline. Attorneys for the petitioners—Disability Rights PA, SeniorLAW Center, SEAMAAC, the Barristers’ Association, and Suzanne Erb—released the following statement:

“We filed this petition with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court because we believed, and still believe, that extending our Commonwealth’s mail-in ballot deadline would make a difference for thousands of Pennsylvania voters as we take on this global health crisis. Counting ballots postmarked by Election Day, rather than requiring ballots to be received by Election Day, would give voters the confidence that they can vote safely at home and have their vote count, even amid an unprecedented demand for mail-in ballots, limited polling places, and postal service delays.

Pennsylvania’s leaders have a profound responsibility to protect the integrity, accessibility, and efficacy of our elections. That responsibility is more crucial now than it has ever been, and we will do all we can to ensure that they rise to meet it. We will continue to advocate for the rights of all Pennsylvania voters—regardless of their age, disability, race, country of origin, or neighborhood—to participate fully in free and equal elections.”