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The brief is submitted in support of Pennsylvania counties and recording officials seeking to enforce Pennsylvania law in accordance with their legal duties and the public interest. Our amici include three legal services organizations and two consumer advocacy groups who have allegedly suffered as a result of MERSCORP, Inc.’s malpractice.

According to the amicus brief, MERSCORP, Inc. disregards the law and the public’s best interest by allowing investors to bypass the county recorder’s office and withholding information regarding the transfer of loans between lenders. MERSCORP, Inc. is then able to avoid the county recording fee, depriving numerous organizations of their legally-mandated funding.

The Law Center challenged MERSCORP, Inc.’s practices previously. In 2011, the Law Center supported the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds in their lawsuit against MERSCORP, Inc. At the time the judge refused our amicus brief for technical reasons and unfortunately the past case, which highlighted the fraud for the first time, failed in the third circuit. However, we stand unwavering in support of the organizations affected by the actions of MERSCORP, Inc.

Case Progress

December 2017
Law Center Files Amicus Brief in Support of Appeal to Pennsylvania Supreme Court

October 2017
Petition for Allowance of Appeal is Granted

June 2017
Law Center Submits Second Amicus Brief in Second Case Against MERSCORP, Inc.

August 2016
Law Center Submits Amicus Brief in Second Case Against MERSCORP, Inc.

June 2015
Oral argument heard in the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

March 2015
Filed an amicus brief

June 2014
Court denies defendants motion for summary judgment in its entirety and granted in part Plaintiff’s motion for partial summary judgment

April 2014
Judge denies defendants’ second motion for summary judgment

February 2014
District judge grants class certification to plaintiff

Staff on the Case
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Benjamin Geffen