Law Center Signs on to Chemical Security RFI Comments

The Law Center recently signed on to The Coalition to Prevent Chemical Disaster’s extensive technical comments regarding the EPA’s Request for Information.

The EPA issued a Request for Information (RFI) to take public comment on a broad set of questions about possibly updating requirements for facilities that store or use highly hazardous chemicals. The Coalition to Prevent Chemical Disaster’s took action with comments to the EPA which support requirements for facilities to research possible safer alternatives; convert when alternatives are available, effective, and affordable; fully train and engage workers and communities; publicly disclose information on hazards and alternatives; and more.

The comments presented by The Coalition to Prevent Chemical Disaster’s demonstrate the coalition’s hopes to see the EPA take action on the following:

  • Require all chemical facilities to conduct and submit an alternatives assessment to determine the availability of safer available chemical processes and/or inherently safer technologies (IST).
  • Require all RMP facilities to adopt the use of safer chemicals and processes wherever feasible by a date certain with priority enforcement of certain facilities including but not limited to those that put large populations at risk, or have had recent accidents or are in high hazard industry sectors.
  • Ensure the protection of disproportionately at risk populations and underserved communities.
  • Ensure accountability by requiring transparency of safer alternatives analyses and facility claims of infeasibility of available safer alternatives.
  • Ensure that all facility employees have whistleblower protection and participate in inspections, participate in alternatives analyses assessments and have adequate education and training to participate, and those communities are fully trained and empowered to participate in planning and in reviewing assessments and decisions.

The Public Interest Law Center supports the Coalition’s initiative to protect workers and communities by preventing chemical disasters.

Click here to read the full comments and for other organizations that have signed on.