Language Access in the School District of Philadelphia


Law Center and Partners Reach Agreement to Dismiss Old Case

Following negotiations and review of District data, we have reached a Stipulation of Dismissal which has been approved by the federal court. This ends the previous litigation while ensuring the continuation of critical services and programs created as a result of that lawsuit. This agreement also specifically leaves the door open for the filing of a new lawsuit. The District has agreed to continue the following services: maintenance of the Office of Multicultural Curriculum and Programs; assistance for families to access programs of ESOL or bilingual instruction; access to support services; comprehensible instruction and modifications to curricula; the continued operation of the Translation and Interpretation Center; and disclosure of public data concerning the performance of ELL students as measured on School District and state assessments.

The Education Law Center and the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia will continue to monitor the District’s compliance with federal laws and may file a new case in the future to ensure that English Language Learners (ELL) students receive the translation and interpretation services and other supports to which they are legally entitled to ensure equal access to a quality education. ELL students and parents of Limited English Proficiency whose children have disabilities and receive ELL services have special rights to language assistance pursuant to special education laws. PILCOP and ELC are willing to represent families who need improved language access and better special education services.  You can reach PILCOP at (215) 627-7100 or ELC at (215) 238-6970.