Y.S. v. School District of Philadelphia

An estimated 14,000 students in Philadelphia schools share Y.S.’s struggles and are members of families whose primary language is not English. Even though it is mandated by federal and local law, the School District of Philadelphia systemically fails to provide the interpretation and translation services parents with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) need to meaningfully participate in their child’s education.

In 1985 a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Asian-language-speaking students and their parents sought to ensure individuals with LEP received appropriate translation and interpretation services from the District. More than 25 years after the original lawsuit was filed and after numerous legal agreements, the District continues to fail to provide appropriate services. Advocates who attend IEP meetings with parents regularly see that no interpreters are provided and the District’s own statistics show that language services are dramatically underutilized.

Case Progress

March 2015
Law Center and Partners Reach Agreement to Dismiss Old Case

July 2013
Status Conference Results in Monthly Compliance Meetings and Quarterly Reports

April 2013
Law Center and Partners File Motion to Reopen Case

Compliance Issues

Court Makes Finding of Non-Compliance & Stipulations

Original Settlement & Remedial Plans

Staff on the Case
Michael Churchill
Michael Churchill