Garden Justice Legal Initiative (GJLI)


Farm 51

For the past six years, Farm 51 has been a community resource and educational farmstand under the City Harvest Grower’s Alliance Program of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.  Andrew Olsen and Neal Santos have converted 5105 and 5103 Chester Avenue from trash strewn lots to lush edible green space. They have produced and distributed well over 6,000 pounds of produce to the immediate neighborhood. As of 2013, they are able to accept WIC FMNP coupons from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for immediate neighbors in Southwest Philadelphia, enabling Farm 51 to make its produce more broadly accessible. We have assisted them in acquiring one parcel and are now working with them to try to stop sheriff’s sale and acquire the other parcel.

In 2014, on behalf of Mr. Olsen and Mr. Santos, the Law Center filed an intervention in a sheriff’s sale action pending for 5103 Chester Avenue, a parcel that makes up half of Southwest Philadelphia’s Farm 51, as it would adversely affect the farm. The postponement was granted, allowing Mr. Olsen and Mr. Santos additional time to work with municipal officials and the community at large to craft a solution to preserve the property of Farm 51. Click here to read the full Petition to Intervene. Click here to read the Petition to Vacate and Answer.