Advocating for Full Medicaid Expansion

In August of 2014 Pennsylvania and the federal government finally agreed upon an alternate plan known as “Healthy PA” to expand Medicaid. While we are pleased that Medicaid expansion is on its way to Pennsylvania’s working families starting January 1, 2015, we continue to advocate for full and equitable access to health insurance as the plan still falls short of providing full expansion, and imposes restrictions, including hefty premiums for some low-income families.

Project Updates

February 2015

February 2015
True Medicaid Expansion Coming to PA

August 2014
Healthy PA Plan Approved, with Changes

May 2014
Law Center Refutes Gov. Corbett’s Healthy PA Claims

April 2014
Law Center Attorney Benjamin Geffen Submits Comments Criticizing Governor Corbett’s Healthy PA Plan

January 2014
Law Center Attorney Benjamin Geffen Testifies on Healthy PA Proposal

October 2013
Our Letter to the Department of Public Welfare Regarding Governor Corbett’s Proposal

October 2013
Hospitals and Consumers Weigh in on Governor’s Healthy Pennsylvania Proposal

September 2013
Governor Corbett’s Proposal

March 2013
Medicaid Expansion and Individuals with Disabilities

January 2013
Medicaid Expansion Would Stimulate PA’s Economy

June 2012
Legal Review of the Supreme Court’s 2012 Decision on ACA

Staff on the Case
Ben Geffen
Benjamin Geffen