The Campaign for Fair Education Funding


Campaign for Fair Education Funding asks Governor, General Assembly to make students a top priority in budget negotiations

The Campaign for Fair Education Funding submitted a formal request to Gov. Tom Wolf and members of the General Assembly, urging them to promptly reach a budget agreement that enacts the funding formula adopted by the state Basic Education Funding Commission (BEFC) and increases basic education funding by at least $410 million.

Leaders from more than 50 organizations signed a letter delivered to state lawmakers, warning that failure to sufficiently fund public schools and correct glaring disparities in the way public education is funded will shortchange children and continue to hold back the state’s economy.

Of all the states, Pennsylvania has the widest funding gap between wealthy and poor school districts and is one of only three without a school funding formula. In its letter, the Campaign asks for leadership so that “Pennsylvania can shift from being a case study in unpredictable and inequitable public school funding to setting the standard for delivering fair funding that meets the needs of every child.”

“We know that you and all Pennsylvania lawmakers want the brightest future possible for every child in the state,” Campaign members wrote. “Please move quickly to resolve your differences and make our children a top priority in any agreement so that this long-delayed budget is worth the wait for them.”