Abusive Truancy Policy in Lebanon, PA


Both Sides File for Summary Judgment

The Law Center, working in conjunction with The PA NAACP, has filed a motion for partial summary judgment on behalf of the plaintiffs. This motion, filed July 19, 2012, seeks restitution for excessive truancy fines already collected by the District from parents. Specifically, the motion asks that restitution be swiftly distributed only for those citations issued in excess of $300, totaling approximately $108,000. The facts are clear and indisputable that those citations were not lawfully collected and thus cannot be lawfully retained. Heedless of any wrongdoing on the behalf of the District, these funds belong with the parents upon whom they were illegally imposed, and the plaintiffs ask that the court acknowledge this and formulate a plan for rightful redistribution.

The Lebanon School District has also filed a motion for summary judgment. The District argues that it cannot be held legally responsible for paying back the fines because they were imposed by the court, not the District. The District further alleges that claims for citations issued more than three years ago exceed applicable state-imposed time limits. Finally, the District requests that the PA NAACP be removed as a plaintiff because there is no specific NAACP member that has a claim against the District.