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Advocates for voters sue Pennsylvania for rejecting thousands of mail-in ballots due to inconsequential handwritten date mistakes

Our clients claim that rejecting mail-in ballots for incorrect or missing dates—which have no bearing on voters’ eligibility—violates the state constitutional right to free and equal elections

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A sign at the May 4th rally reading "Brith Sholom Another Building in Philadelphia without a Rental License"
Philadelphia seniors facing displacement gather at City Hall for a Mother’s Day rally, calling on the city to save Brith Sholom House

We're standing with the tenants of Brith Sholom House, who should not pay the price for their landlords' neglect and mismanagement

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Our legal director Mimi McKenzie testifies to City Council on May 22, 2024
We shared City Council testimony in support of a bill giving the Land Bank better tools to preserve green space

Many of these irreplaceable spaces are located on abandoned privately owned parcels that are tax delinquent--and these debts from previous absentee owners can put their land security at risk

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