Statement by the Public Interest Law Center

October 17, 2023 – A central value of the Public Interest Law Center is respect for the humanity of all, no matter what you look like, who you worship, who you love, or where you were born. In that vein, the Law Center condemns the abhorrent targeted killings in the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas. We also deplore the humanitarian disaster that is unfolding in Gaza, and the death of innocent civilians there. Our thoughts are with people around the world and here in Philadelphia who are mourning the loss of loved ones or whose loved ones are in harm’s way.

Any unauthorized opinion or statement by an individual associated with the Law Center on the situation in Israel and Gaza are the views of the individual alone, when expressed on their own time and without any indication of their affiliation with the Law Center.  If not in accord with the Law Center’s values, it does not reflect the views of the Law Center.