Special Education Consultation Request Form

There are far too few lawyers to represent the nation’s 6.8 million children with disabilities, particularly in the complex administrative hearings held under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Nationwide, most often, school districts are represented, and many families are not. In the Philadelphia area, there are approximately 200 school lawyers and about 50 parent lawyers.

As a partial solution to redressing this imbalance, the Law Center offers special education consultation services and opinion letters to families seeking to defend their child’s rights under the IDEA.  Services are available, by appointment only. Rates and other procedures will be discussed with families when an initial appointment is made.

To request an appointment for consultation services, contact the Law Center at (215) 627-7100 ext. 233 or consultation@pubintlaw.org.  Please click here to fill out and submit the Consultation Questionnaire by mail or email to consultation@pubintlaw.org.

NOTE: Requesting an appointment or filling out the form will not establish an attorney client relationship. We are not agreeing to take your case. We do not represent you at this time. Due to the number of people requesting assistance, an appointment may not be available immediately. Therefore, you remain responsible for any and all deadlines. If we do not have your consultation questionnaire and records at least one week prior to your scheduled consult, your appointment will be canceled.

We can best advise you if we have as much information as possible, so please answer the questions as completely as possible. If information is missing, it will delay our ability to review your situation. All information is confidential.

If you have a disability and need accommodations or assistance to complete this form, please contact us or have someone contact us on your behalf. If you have questions about the consultation process, please contact us at consultation@pubintlaw.org  or 215-627-7100, extension 233.