Philly students need you. Call City Council now!

Contact Philadelphia City Council and let them know that School District of Philadelphia students deserve $55 million more.

Philadelphia City Council has the authority to borrow $55 million to give to the District, essentially at no cost to the budget, as the borrowing will be repaid from sales tax proceeds. Instead, Council this week has authorized only $27 million, denying the schools $28 million, which would help to close a huge gap in what students need. There is still time for Council to reconsider this matter:

Please call Council President Darrell Clarke and any other councilperson who represents you and tell them you are outraged that Council would not vote for the full $55 million loan for the School District. There is no acceptable reason to leave these funds unused.

After you have called your councilperson, let us know by emailing Michael Berton at

This is a very critical issue at a time when every dollar counts for the District.

  • Click here to learn how to contact City Council.
  • Click here for a full explanation of the issue.
  • Click here for an overview of what the District is asking of City Council.