Law Center Receives FMC Grant for GJLI

We are pleased to recognize FMC for renewing its support of our Garden Justice Legal Initiative with a grant of $10,000.

FMC has been an important partner in the Law Center’s work over the last two years, specifically in the realm of environmental justice and urban gardening. This year’s grant will support the Law Center in integrating gardeners and farmers into policy conversations around the land bank bill that was passed last fall. We are currently working with gardeners and farmers to comment on the strategic plan that was presented for the land bank. Click here for more information or to participate in that process.

More than 400 gardens and market farms now exist across the city, with new spaces emerging every month. With support from partners like FMC, we have the opportunity to ensure that city agencies take guidance from the people most affected by vacant, abandoned land, especially gardeners and famers.

We thank FMC and our board member Richard Pasquier, assistant general counsel at FMC, for this continued support. Click here to learn more about the Garden Justice Legal Initiative.