Law Center Helps Student with Dyslexia Obtain Tutoring Services

The Law Center assisted a student with dyslexia obtain a program of tutoring for the current school year.

I.W. is a high school enrolled in the School District of Philadelphia. In agreement with the District, I.W.’s parent in April was able to identify a suitable tutor that would provide private instruction for I.W. throughout the school year.

However, after just 10 days of tutoring, the District made a unilateral decision to revise the student’s schedule and implement an Individual Education Program that the parent disagreed with. We helped the parent file a complaint, and a hearing officer ordered the District to return I.W. to his previous schedule with his private tutor.

Previously the Law Center helped I.W. secure two independent educational evaluations as well as Orton-Gillingham services, which are specialized instructions for teaching students with dyslexia.

This case is part of the Philadelphia Project, which has expanded the Law Center’s capacity to represent more individual families in administrative hearings. Click here to learn more about some of those individual cases.