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The Law Center has long focused on ending housing discrimination as a key element in the fight against structural inequality. Minority citizens, people with disabilities, and other populations have often been marginalized through numerous forms of housing discrimination, such as segregation, institutionalization, insurance redlining, unfair real estate practices, and biased actions from public officials.

The Law Center has also brought a number of lawsuits challenging race and gender discrimination, and we have built partnerships with leading fair housing advocacy organizations in the region to help drive systemic change. Here is what we are currently working on:

Fraud Against Person with Disabilities

The Law Center is representing MW, a Philadelphia man with intellectual disabilities who was deceived into selling his home for .05% of its market value. READ MORE

Online Mortgage Registry System

In 2011, the Montgomery County recorder of deeds filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of herself and all other Pennsylvania recorders of deeds against Mortgage Electronic Recording Systems, INC. and MERSCORP, Inc. The plaintiff alleges that the electronic registration system illegally bypasses the county recorder’s office and contends that when a bank sells its interest in a mortgage to another back, the transfer ought to be recorded in the official public system and not just in the private MERS database. READ MORE

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