Foundation Support

The work of the Law Center is supported by many generous foundations. Without government funding, and because we do not charge our clients, the financial wherewithal to continue comes in part from foundations that are committed to preserving civil rights for all and dismantling the laws, policies and practices that perpetuate discrimination, inequality and poverty.

Allen Hilles Fund ($6,000): For our education advocacy and litigation work.

Bennett Family Foundation ($5,000): General operating grant.

Bread and Roses Community Fund ($6,000): For Soil Generation.

Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation ($5,000): For community education to train advocates for children with disabilities.

Claneil Foundation ($15,000): This grant will help us continue our work to build and unify an empowered, grassroots network of gardeners and urban farmers in Philadelphia, to promote leadership development within this network to sustain the future of urban agriculture, to advance strategies to preserve existing gardens, and to increase community-driven land access.

Climate & Urban Systems Partnership at The Franklin Institute ($1,825): For Soil Generation’s new Train the Trainer community education series.

Independence Foundation ($30,000): General operating grant.

Merck Family Fund ($25,000): For expanding the Garden Justice Legal Initiative to provide education, organizing, advocacy, web-based tools, and research that will not only empower individual farmers and gardeners with the resources they need to secure their land, but also foster movement-building and self-advocacy to secure positive reforms for land security and urban agriculture at the neighborhood, city and state levels.

Patricia Kind Family Foundation ($30,000): A multi-year grant to implement a program that will use a combination of litigation, education and communications to comprehensively address the barriers male minorities with criminal histories face when trying to secure employment.

Pennsylvania IOLTA Board ($37,540): For The Philadelphia Project, our partnership program that aims to secure access to a high-quality public education for all of the 20,000 students in the School District of Philadelphia with special needs.

Philadelphia Bar Foundation ($13,000): General operating grant.

Samuel S. Fels Fund ($20,000): For our education advocacy and litigation work.

Skadden Flom Incubator Grant ($10,000): To help the Law Center increase access to information and support leadership development for gardeners, farmers, and open space advocates. We will use it to create a training curriculum to develop, design, and translate educational materials.

The Barra Foundation ($75,000): To conduct an 18-month study to determine the feasibility of creating a sustainable social enterprise that delivers legal training and advances the mission of the Law Center.

The Hassel Foundation ($4,000): This will be used to provide legal and technical assistance to ensure continued availability of family planning services to low-income men, women and adolescents in southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Leo and Peggy Pierce Foundation ($10,000): For the Garden Justice Legal Initiative.

The McLean Contributionship ($10,850): This will be used to purchase a new phone system for the Law Center.

The Philadelphia Foundation ($35,000): For digital and traditional rebranding efforts.

The Shelter Foundation ($3,000): In support of the Law Center’s efforts to find solutions to the Pennsylvania school funding crisis.

Thomas Scattergood Foundation: This is a 3-year grant (2014-2016) to receive training and consultation in practical program evaluation skills to track program processes and outcomes, and to communicate effectively about evaluation and quality assurance data.

Union Benevolent Association ($1,000): For the Disability Employment Discrimination Project.

United Way ($20,000): Funding our education advocacy work for the years 2015-2017. The grant is part of the United Way’s impact grants that will fund over 200 projects in southeast Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

William Penn Foundation ($60,765): For our work in K-12 education.