Election Law, Campaign Finance and Lobbying Disclosure

Executive director Jennifer Clarke will present on Voting Rights Act Challenges to Reductions in Opportunities to Vote at a November 20 Pennsylvania Bar Institute program.

Click here to register for the program, where you will learn to get a step-by-step guide to the electoral process, from getting your candidate on the ballot to financing a campaign and to conducting recount litigation if the vote is close. Other topics include:

  • Understand the start-to-finish legal issues involved in running for
    public office
  • Learn how nomination petition challenges can be made—and
    defended—and the evolving constitutional standards concerning
    the status of petition circulators
  • Understand strategy and tactics in recounts and contests
  • Update your knowledge of the case law and
    applicable statutes
  • Understand the practical impact of the constitutional issues
    arising from Citizens United v. FEC and SpeechNow and the current
    pressure for greater disclosure of the sources of campaign funds
  • Learn the inside story of the successful challenge to
    Pennsylvania’s voter ID statute and the failed attempt to resist
    voter ID in other states
  • Become current on developments concerning absentee and
    provisional ballots
  • Learn the important lessons from the state reapportionment
  • Understand the Supreme Court’s recent decisions on

Election Law, Campaign Finance and Lobbying Disclosure
Pennsylvania Bar Institute
November 20, 2015, 9:00 AM — 1:15 PM

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