Employment Resources

Understanding Your Rights & Getting Help

Impact Services Corporation: Impact is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people in need attain the hope, motivation and skills necessary to reach their potential and highest level of self sufficiency. As part of their mission, Impact helps prepare and place ex-offenders in full-time employment and support their successful re-entry into society.

Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission: The PHRC’s website defines employment discrimination, explains the law and your rights, and provides information on filing a complaint.

Resources on getting a criminal history record expunged


Philadelphia’s “Ban the Box” Ordinance. On March 31, 2011, Philadelphia’s City Council adopted a “Ban the Box Ordinance” which bans employers from asking about a potential employee’s convictions during the initial screening phase of the hiring process and requires that any subsequent decision not to hire be based on the actual requirements of the job. “The box” is often used for blanket discrimination of ex-offenders, and disproportionately affects men and people of color. The Ordinance offers ex-offenders a second chance to find jobs and climb out of the poverty trap that pervades all too many Philadelphia communities.