Voter ID Law Blocked in Wisconsin

Another victory in the fight against voter ID! The Supreme Court blocked a Wisconsin law that would have required providing photo identification before voting.

The Supreme Court struck down the law on Thursday night. The brief that caused the court to stay the Wisconsin Photo ID law was written by our co-counsel in a similar Pennsylvania case, Arnold & Porter, LLP. Wisconsin’s ID requirement, one of the strictest in the nation, was originally blocked by a federal trial judge before a three-judge federal appeals court panel reinstated the law last month.

This judgment is another blow to voter ID laws, which could disenfranchise many people who cannot obtain ID and would create additional burdens that fall heavily on urban, low-income, minority, elderly and disabled voters.

In Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth Court ruled the state’s voter identification law unconstitutional in January 2014. Governor Tom Corbett announced in May that the state would not appeal that ruling.