Statement of the Public Interest Law Center on Governor Wolf’s Voting Reform Plan for Pennsylvania

The comprehensive voting rights reform proposals announced today by Governor Wolf would, if enacted, modernize Pennsylvania’s election system, bringing the Commonwealth into step with the rest of the nation. The Public Interest Law Center has long supported these proposals–same-day voter registration, automatic voter registration and no-fault absentee ballots–because they will ensure that eligible voters who wish to vote are able to do so. And they will cut through the complex barriers faced by voters today which have caused election observers to characterize Pennsylvania as one of the most difficult states in the nation in which to cast a vote.

“Everyone who cares about strengthening our democracy should get behind the Governor’s voting rights reform proposals and make them an urgent priority,” said Jennifer R. Clarke, Executive Director of the Law Center. “The issues we face today are serious; and every single eligible voter should have a change to weigh in.”

The Law Center also strongly supports the independent commission bills now pending in the Pennsylvania legislature. As one of the two law firms that successfully challenged Pennsylvania’s 2011 Congressional map as a severe partisan gerrymander, the Law Center observed first-hand the need to fix Pennsylvania’s flawed system for drawing maps in the first place; namely, politicians drawing maps to suit their own convenience, not to benefit voters.

“We are pleased that the Governor is taking a leadership role in achieving this important goal,” said Clarke.

The reform plan is here.