State Budget Proposal: Lawmakers Must Hear from Constituents that School Funding is a Priority

We filed our school funding lawsuit because across Pennsylvania, children attend schools that are inequitably and inadequately funded. Far from a silver bullet, the lawsuit is one piece of a larger strategy to provide all Pennsylvania children with the sound education they deserve. That larger strategy relies on you, engaged citizens, determined to fix this problem for the next generation, and willing to engage with state officials who have the power to do something about it.

For the upcoming year, the Governor has proposed a $100 million increase in basic education funding. That proposal is not close to enough—particularly in a system that is underfunded by $3 billion. But we may not even get that $100 million: Rumors are flying in Harrisburg that even the Governor’s proposal may be scaled back as lawmakers attempt to pass a budget.

Cutting back on an already inadequate proposal will only make this problem worse: our public schools will continue to be forced to make more cuts, and impose ever higher local taxes on their communities.

Lawmakers must hear from constituents that school funding is a priority, and that the state needs to increase basic education funding—by at least $100 million—and make no other cuts to public schools.

Please call or email your legislators TODAY, June 19, 2017: