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Prevented from Enrolling, Student with Autism Returns to School with Law Center Help

H.J. is a seven-year-old student with autism whose family came to the Law Center in October 2011. His family had moved to a new elementary school in January 2011, but the school refused to let him enroll. As a result, he was out of school from January through October of 2011 – nearly a full year. So early in his education, and especially considering his autism, such a break in H.J.’s education could be extremely detrimental to his future.

Days after the Law Center began to represent the family, the District allowed H.J. to return to school. It then evaluated H.J., created an Individualized Education Program for him, and found a new placement for him. After further discussion, the family and the District reached an agreement to settle the matter. In addition to the compensatory services for H.J., the District paid attorneys’ fees to the Law Center.