Commission on Election Administration Established

Through Executive Order, President Obama recently established the Presidential Commission on Election Administration to develop best practices and recommendations for improving the country’s current voting systems.

Nine members appointed by the President will be charged with creating proposals for increased efficiency and effectiveness of America’s voting system. The Executive Order outlines specific components for the Commission to review such as technology, number and location of polling places, poll worker training and recruitment processes and record keeping. The Commission’s mission is to find ways to minimize delays and obstacles that hinder individuals from voting with specific focus towards the voting rights and needs of those in the military, individuals living overseas, individuals with disabilities and individuals with limited English proficiency.

The first two members of the Commission have already been chosen: Robert Bauer and Ben Ginsberg. Both come to the table with strong backgrounds as election lawyers and were involved in the Obama and Romney campaigns, respectively. Read more here.

Read the full Executive Order here.