Voter ID: Applewhite v. Commonwealth


Preliminary Injunction Extended through May 21, 2013 Elections

Another victory in our ongoing fight against Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law! On February 14, the Commonwealth agreed to extend the preliminary injunction that was granted in October through the May 21, 2013 elections, thus ensuring that the tens or hundreds of thousands of people who do not have ID will be able to vote. In May, voters will thus be asked for – but not required to show – photo ID in order to vote.

We will return to court on July 15 for trial on a permanent injunction that, if granted, would put an end to the law for good. In a stipulation filed today, plaintiffs and the Commonwealth requested that, should any other elections take place before the outcome of that trial is fully resolved, the court separately consider motions to further extend the injunction based on the record from the July 15 trial.