Pennsylvania Redistricting Lawsuit

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s new congressional map reunites Lehigh Valley, sets stage for another legal fight — The Morning Call, February 19, 2018

Pa. Democrats, others send congressional redistrict plans to Supreme Court — Philadelphia Inquirer, February 16, 2018

Ideas to redraw maps beat deadline in gerrymandering case — Associated Press, February 16, 2018

Pa. redistricting is in the court’s hands now, after Gov. Wolf rebuffs last pitch for delay — Penn Live, February 15, 2018

Pennsylvania Republicans have drawn a new congressional map that is just as gerrymandered as the old one — Washington Post, February 11, 2018

Open or contorted US House districts may see biggest changes — Associated Press, February 11, 2018

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Pa. Supreme Court Justices defend themselves against conflict claims in gerrymandering lawsuit — Keystone Crossroads, February 5, 2018

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Supreme Court declines request from Pennsylvania GOP to stop redistricting — CNN, February 5, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court allows revamp of Pennsylvania electoral map — Reuters, February 5, 2018

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U.S. Supreme Court will let Pennsylvania ruling stand in gerrymandering case — Keystone Crossroads, February 5, 2018

Supreme Court Won’t Let Pennsylvania GOP Delay Drawing New Congressional Map — Huffington Post, February 5, 2018

Supreme Court Denies Bid to Keep GOP-Friendly Districts in Pennsylvania — Wall Street Journal, February 5, 2018

Supreme Court refuses to block Pa. ruling invalidating congressional map — Washington Post, February 5, 2018

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Pennsylvania’s Republican leaders challenge Justice David Wecht’s vote in Congressional redistricting case — Penn Live, February 2, 2018

Pa. legislative leaders ask Justice David Wecht to recuse from state redistricting case — Penn Live, February 2, 2018

Pa. Supreme Court justice was biased in gerrymandering case, Republicans say — Philadelphia Inquirer, February 2, 2018

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Senate’s top GOP leader won’t obey Pa. Supreme Court order in gerrymandering case — The Morning Call, January 31, 2018

Sen. Scarnati refuses Pa. Supreme Court order to turn over map data in gerrymander case — Philadelphia Inquirer, January 31, 2018

Top Pennsylvania Republican Says He’ll Ignore Court Order To Help Fix Gerrymandering — Huffington Post, January 31, 2018

Pa. Senate rules no conflict of interest for congressional hopefuls voting on new district shapes

Supreme Court signals it might block Pennsylvania ruling against partisan gerrymandering — Los Angeles Times, January 30, 2018

Court Watchers See Pa. GOP’s Gerrymandering Appeal as a Long Shot — The Legal Intelligencer, January 29, 2018

PA Senate, Gov. Wolf, secretaries of state jockey over redistricting — City & State Pennsylvania, January 29, 2018

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