Pennsylvania Redistricting Lawsuit


Pa. Supreme Court Adopts New Congressional Map

On February 19, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court adopted a new Congressional map in time for the 2018 elections.

The new map was issued by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court along with three dissenting opinions.

Here are statements from our team:

“This case was always about the right to have your vote count. The Court’s order and remedial plan has restored Pennsylvania voters’ right to choose their congressional representatives in free and equal elections in 2018. We hope this remedial plan will inspire other states to protect their own voters from partisan gerrymandering.” Mimi McKenzie, Legal Director, Public Interest Law Center

“Pennsylvania’s new map is not drawn to favor either party and promotes all of the traditional district criteria that the court identified. It splits far fewer counties and municipalities, and is far more compact, than the extreme partisan gerrymander that was the 2011 map. Thanks to this lawsuit and the Court’s decision, Pennsylvania’s communities are whole again and all voters will have a voice in 2018 and 2020.” Dan Jacobson, Associate, Arnold & Porter

“On behalf of my fellow petitioners, it has been an honor to bring this case to the courts for the benefit of Pennsylvania voters. We are thrilled that the new map addresses our concerns and will make our votes actually count.” Robert Smith, Petitioner

“The General Assembly created the worst gerrymander in Pennsylvania’s history. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court gave it a chance to legislate a new map. But the legislative leaders stalled and the Court had no choice but to step in. Now the legislative leaders have threatened to file a baseless federal lawsuit to derail the upcoming election. Their threats are shameful. It’s time they faced up to the fact the voters are entitled to a fair map.” David Gersch, Senior Counsel, Arnold & Porter

“We hope our legislators hear today’s message loud and clear. Partisan gerrymandering violates Pennsylvania’s Constitution. To avoid future gerrymanders and court intervention, the legislature should now work toward creating an independent, impartial and accountable redistricting process.” Susan Carty, President, League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania