Pennsylvania Dental Advocacy Project

An initiative of the Richard Berkman & Toni Seidl Health Care Justice Project.

In October 2015, the Law Center launched an effort with Dechert LLP to improve oral healthcare for children in Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program. Along with Dechert, we have been working with a group of key stakeholders in the pediatric dental care community to better understand why kids on Medicaid in Pennsylvania are getting dental care at disappointingly low rates. Through our efforts, we have identified a number of potential reforms that could increase children’s access to and utilization of dental services. We are now working to promote the adoption of several of these reforms.

Project Updates

September 2017
Pennsylvania State Board of Dentistry Approves Regulation to Expand Role of Dental Hygienists

July 2017
Law Center Supports Rule Change that Would Expand Access to Dental Care

October 2015
Project launch: First meeting with key stakeholders and Dechert LLP

Settled Scott v. Snider

Staff on the Case
Benjamin Geffen