Zoning Laws & Methadone Treatment


More than $270,000 in attorney fees was awarded to RHJ

More than $270,000 in attorney fees was awarded to the RHJ Medical Center in a case that struck down the city of Dubois’ zoning restriction of a methadone clinic.

RHJ originally sought $455,000 in attorney fees, but U.S. District Judge Kim R. Gibson of the Western District of Pennsylvania cut the amount initially requested by 40 percent. McGuireWoods LLP is graciously donating its attorney fees to the Law Center.

Gibson said, “RHJ challenged two pieces of legislation under multiple legal theories, which resulted in this court invalidating one piece of legislation and awarding damages to RHJ. Thus, a 40 percent reduction is appropriate based upon the fact that, overall, the actual success achieved outweighs the lack of success on certain claims.”