Law Center Signs onto Letter to Dr. Ben Carson

The Law Center signed onto a letter from the Philadelphia Association of CDCs (PACDC) to Dr. Ben Carson, written in light of his nomination to be the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The letter addresses areas of importance for Dr. Carson to keep in mind as he develops his priorities in this position and invites him to Philadelphia to discuss these issues in further detail. PACDC urges Dr. Carson to listen to Community Development Corporations, neighborhood groups, non-profits and for-profits that rely on resources and programs provided by HUD, and to listen to the solutions these organizations have been working towards in realizing equitable neighborhood revitalization.

The letter explains the important functions that these organizations serve, and the need to provide them with proper funding and attention. In addition, in this letter, PACDC urges Dr. Carson to prioritize the affordable housing crisis in Philadelphia and other cities and to work with experts to come up with

PACDC also asks that Dr. Carson become an advocate for increasing funding and restoring lost funding for the Community Development Block Grant, the HOME Program, and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, as the work of organizations like the PACDC in reducing homelessness, providing fair housing, and strengthening neighborhoods relies heavily on these funds. In closing, the letter asks that Dr. Carson look at the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule to help ensure that every Philadelphian has the opportunity to live in a good neighborhood.

As Dr. Carson prepares to take on this role, the Law Center supports PACDC in its efforts and echoes the hope that Dr. Carson will listen to these recommendations and rely on the experience and expertise of Philadelphia leaders in community development.

Read the full letter here.