Keystone Votes: The Coalition for Modern Elections

An initiative of the Jeffrey Golan & Frances Vilella-Vélez Voting Justice Project.

The coalition also believes that Pennsylvania’s election system should be updated to ensure that all of its citizens–particularly seniors, veterans, voters with disabilities and working people–have an equal opportunity to make their voices heard. To start somewhere concrete, the coalition is highlighting four important updates that have been successful in giving voters more choice about when and how to vote in states across the country: Optional Vote by Mail (AKA no-excuse absentee voting), Youth Pre-Registration, Early Voting, Same-Day Voter Registration.

Project Updates

November 2015
Public Interest Law Center executive director Jennifer Clarke co-wrote an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer about Keystone Votes

Novemeber 2015
Leading state, local, and national advocacy and community organizations joined together to launch Keystone Votes

December 2014
The Law Center and other members of the coalition sent a letter to Governor-Elect Tom Wolf

Staff on the Case
Ben Geffen
Benjamin Geffen