Improving Access to Medicaid in Florida


Federal Judge Declines to Dismiss Lawsuit

Judge Adalberto Jordan declined to dismiss the lawsuit against the State of Florida that argues its Medicaid program has failed to provide adequate health and dental care to children and in doing so is in violation of federal Medicaid requirements. The court previously requested briefs from both sides in 2013.

The Law Center originally filed the class action lawsuit on behalf of the Florida Pediatric Society and all children — currently numbering about 2 million — enrolled in or eligible for Medicaid in the state back in 2005. According to the Associated Press, the Judge plans on making a final ruling in October 2014.

The state contends that the privatization of the Medicaid program will increase access and amend the other numerous barriers to healthcare, such as reimbursement rates.  However, Judge Jordan decided that these potential improvements and the uncertainties still surrounding how privatization will work do not provide a sufficient cause to dismiss the case.