Abusive Truancy Policy in Lebanon, PA


Effects of the Case: New Truancy Fines Down, Illegal Fines Partially Reduced

Analysis of court records in Lebanon shows that Magistrate Judges have stopped issuing truancy fines illegally in excess of $300 and have reduced 91% of the excessive fines originally imposed that were still outstanding. These actions have wiped out more than $450,000 in truancy fines owed by parents.

In the past year, the District has reduced the number of truancy summons it filed in court by 25%, and the fines this year total less than 43% the dollar amount of the fines imposed two years ago. Despite these positive developments, the District has continued to oppose repaying any of the excessive fines already paid to them, totaling about $108,000, and they have yet to adopt a constructive truancy policy.