Education Law Center Considers Litigation Against PA School Funding Formula

The advocacy group and Law Center partner, Education Law Center is looking to potential litigation to target Philadelphia’s education funding crisis.

Executive Director Rhonda Brownstein says the organization will assess the school district’s levels of city and state funding before proceeding but indicated in an interview with NBC 10 Philadelphia that they will seriously consider litigation if current funding cuts are not restored before the beginning of next school year.

Pennsylvania is home to one of the most unequally funded school systems in the nation, with funding disparities of thousands of dollars per student between certain school districts. Brownstein warns that a lawsuit is unlikely to solve this issue quickly or cleanly. In the past, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that decisions about school funding should be left to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Brownstein is hopeful, however, that the attitude of the court has since changed. Click here to read the full article at NBC 10 Philadelphia.

The Law Center’s Michael Churchill recently commented on the issue of litigation in an interview with the Philadelphia City Paper.