Systemic Failure of Early Intervention Service Provider


Child Regresses Due to Lack of ABA Services

G.L., a 5-year-old with autism, lives in Delaware County. Her mother, LaTonia, moved there, in part, because Elwyn could not meet G.L.’s needs. Although LaTonia brought Elwyn a copy of a complete evaluation report which recommended services for G.L. called applied behavioral analysis (ABA) services, LaTonia contends that Elwyn didn’t provide those services at all until G.L. started to regress. When they did provide them, the quality was deficient. “We’ve become aware of written reports as recently as March 2014 and as early as March 2013 which show that Elwyn was not fully providing services that the children need. We keep trying to work with Elwyn—but so far they have rebuffed our efforts,” said Sonja Kerr, director of disabilities rights. She also noted that the Law Center has asked that Elwyn and state officials to meet to try to get the program back on track.