The Campaign for Fair Education Funding


Campaign for Fair Education Funding Statement on Governor Wolf’s Proposed Budget

The Campaign for Fair Education Funding issued the following statement on Gov. Tom Wolf’s basic education funding budget announcement today:

“We support Governor Wolf’s commitment to public schools in his proposals for completing the current fiscal year budget with an increase of $377 million, increasing basic education funding further in the upcoming year, and applying the fair funding formula proposed by the bipartisan Basic Education Funding Commission. In fact, we believe the Governor and General Assembly must invest even more than the $200 million proposed by the Governor for next year to move the state further toward the goal of full and fair funding for schools.

“Pennsylvania has the largest funding gap between the wealthiest and poorest schools in the U.S. It has some of the widest economic, racial and ethnic achievement gaps in the country. Now, it is one of only two states that has not passed a budget this year, leaving schools to borrow millions of dollars to stay open. It is time for Pennsylvania to become a leader instead of a laggard in supporting the education of our children.”

The Campaign for Fair Education Funding consists of more than 50 organizations representing educators, faith-based organizations, children’s advocates, business leaders, and representatives of charter schools and rural, urban and suburban school districts across Pennsylvania.