Pennsylvania Legislative Reapportionment Commission


Brief Filed to Oppose the LRC’s Revised Redistricting Plan

The Law Center and Hogan Lovells have filed a brief on behalf of Amanda Holt and 17 other petitioners to challenge the revised redistricting plan made by the Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC). The court found that the original reapportionment plan was unconstitutional as it did not uphold “compactness, contiguity, and integrity of political subdivisions”, in accordance with Article II, Section 16 of the Pennsylvania Constitution. On remand, the LRC created a revised plan. Yet, the revised plan still has 135 more subdivisions in House districts and 20 more subdivisions in the Senate districts than petitioner Holt’s revised plan does, once again demonstrating that the commission is not fulfilling its Constitutional obligations. After a second failed attempt by the LRC, we are now asking that the court instruct the LRC to adopt the Revised Holt Plan or a plan that creates no more subdivisions than the Revised Holt Plan.