Disproportionality: Segregation Through Special Education


A.G. v. LMSD

A.G. was erroneously held in special education classes from elementary school through high school when the Lower Merion School District failed to conduct appropriate evaluations or define specific disabilities or impairments. A.G. endured years in wasted, inappropriate special education classes instead of being given the opportunity to improve her academic achievement. In August of 2011 the Law Center filed a complaint on A.G.’s behalf in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. After the District Court ruled in favor of the LMSD, the Law Center appealed the case in the Third Circuit. This case is part of a related set of cases (including S.H. v. LMSD and Blunt v. LMSD) that the Law Center is bringing before the Third Circuit in an effort to address LMSD’s practice of segregation through special education placement.