We need your help: Medicaid Expansion is on the move!

Contact your legislators and ask them to vote to temporarily expand Medicaid and provide coverage to hundreds of thousands of individuals at no cost to the state.

The House Human Service Committee has voted a bill out of committee that would temporarily expand Medicaid for the hundreds of thousands of people who need it, while we wait to learn the fate of Governor Corbett’s Healthy PA plan.

You can help by contacting your state representative and senator and asking them to vote YES for HB 1492. Here is a sample message you can use over the phone or in an email:

“Please vote yes on HB 1492. The health of hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians hangs in the balance.”

Although every state bordering on Pennsylvania has accepted federal funds to expand Medicaid, Governor Corbett has turned the opportunity down, even though costs would be fully incurred by the federal government through 2016. (After that, the federal government would still pay at least 90% of the costs.) This politicized decision is unfair to low-income families who need health insurance.

In addition to contacting your state legislators, you can sign a petition to the PA Legislature asking them to say yes to Medicaid expansion.